Love Soap

Throughout the western history, no flower has been so loved or renowned as the rose. It is known as the symbol of love & romance. It’s eye-catching colour & the sweet fragrant aroma is no doubt what makes it so favourable among the ladies.


Even now, the rose is still considered as a symbol of romance & it is widely used in many beauty products. It is no doubt that all women desires every inch of their skin to be “water-like” translucent skin. Even the most intimate part requires tender care as well, thus, the Love Soap.


Apart from the fragrant rose aroma, it helps tighten the intimate area & arouses your partner’s senses. Creating a soothing soul, women can sleep and rest well to regain energy in the most natural way, thus building self-confidence and more sexual attractiveness. In addition, experience the “breeze” & cooling effect of rose fragrance after each usage.

7 Main Functions

-Eliminates odour, leaving pleasing fragrance

-Moisturizes, prevents dryness

-Tightens, improves skin elasticity

-Anti-bacterial and fungal, prevents infection, pH friendly

-Removal of pigmentation, produces matte rosy appearance

-Helps to rebuild cells, delays ageing

-Improves your “love life”



Lather soap on wet hands to form bubbles. Apply to the intimate area & wash for approximately 30 seconds then rinse thoroughly.

Main Ingredients

Rosa Canina Essence

Regenerate skin cells

Rosemary Extract

Improve skin elasticity

Ginseng Extract
Improve skin immunity

Salvia Officinialis Extract
Anti-vaginal infections

Pueraria Lobata Extract
Brighten skin tone

Aloe Barbadensis Extract

Eliminate body odour


Suitable for

-Private parts


-Bikini areas




-Other body parts

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